Streetfighter EX Fighters Returning?

Asuka? Nope, the lovely lass’s name is Hokuto.

Blair Dane. Doctrine Dark. Kairi. Hokuto. Garuda. Skullomania.
Younger fighting game fans may not recognize these names, but guys like me who’ve been around a bit longer know that these are characters from the Streetfighter EXseries by Arika– which was Capcom’s first foray in the mid-90s into a 3D Streetfighter. I have fond memories of the EX series, but sadly when all was said and done, the games never really took off after the release of Streetfighter EX3 for PS2, and since then, Arika and Capcom have never crossed paths again in the fighting genre. An Arika-made fighter, Fighting Layer, never made it out of limited release in arcades.
Though fans often ask Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono to include the EX characters in the new Streetfighter titles, all he can say is that Arika owns the rights to these characters, and thus they remain in limbo. Well, that is, until now.

A 3DS fighter with the EX characters? Where do I sign up?

Arika (which has been doing stuff apart from fighting games in the meantime) has just posted a special page with ‘test’ screenshots of what appears to be a 3D fighting game starring the familiar EX fighters. The images are in a format which can be viewed in an mpo format which can be viewed in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. Is this an as-yet unannounced fighting game for the 3DS from Arika with their EX characters?

Apparently not… at least, not yet. According to a report from Adriasang, Arika has stated that the test screenshots are actually made for a cellphone game, but also that IF they were to make a game for the 3DS, the graphics and models would look a lot better (I would hope so- nostalgia aside, the screens are pretty primitive). Aside from that though, no solid word on if this bodes for an Arika-made brawler for 3DS. But I guess we can always hope

The years have been good to both Kairi and Blair.

Anyway, for now you can check out the Arika 3D test screenshot gallery here. If you’re a fight fan, I’d say cross your fingers that this turns out to be something cool. It’s been a while since I’ve tussled with the EX fighters. Too long. More as we get it then!

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