Tekken 7 New Character Revealed!

Are you ready for Chloe?

At today’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Event for the Tekken series, Producer Katsuhiro Harada talked about his upcoming game on NicoVideo and revealed the latest new character for Tekken 7– ‘Lucky’ Chloe appears to be a young girl with a bit of a Cat fetish and some fighting style that somewhat resembles breakdancing or capoeira.

A Kawaii Challenger appears!

Aside from the Chloe intro, a new trailer showing off the existing characters in action was also debuted. The game is set for a pre-release in February 2015, with a full arcade release (in Japan) in March. So far Harada has revealed that the game will feature time-release characters (which may bring back so-far MIA fighters). Aside from Chloe, there will be more new characters according to Harada.

More on this as we get it.

More Tekken 7 action!

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