Tekken Tag 2 Famitsu Scans: Characters and Customizations, Items

King and Anna show their stuff.

Okay, it’s seemingly been ages since the last real Tekken Tag Tournament 2 update- which is not surprising considering the events of the past weekend. Well, since I had an opportunity, I was able to scrounge up scans of the last week’s Famitsu Magazine, particularly of the 2-page spread for the game!
As mentioned earlier, this issue features character art and information on King, Armor King, Nina and Anna. I have to say, the Williams sisters look great in both their portraits and in-game shots… a far cry from Anna’s iffy looks in the AOU trailer.

Also included is a side article on the game’s new Character Customization system. This includes alternate color variations for costumes and the new Items (of which fighters will have about 30 each). On new Item Moves, we’re shown King’s new Heavyweight Belt, which enables a special sequence when he KO’s an opponent with his Sitdown Piledriver. In it, he’ll stay in the pinning position as his partner comes out and does a 3-count Pin on the opponent. Pretty awesome!
Finally, there are several examples of alternate outfits, including a Japanese army outfit for Asuka, authentic-looking Samurai Armor on Jin and what appears to be European Plate Armor on Bob (even in armor he can still move fast? IMPOSSIBLE!).

Nina, Armor King and Customizations!

Anyway, that’s that. Lots of Japanese on the pages, so if anyone can translate, that would be awesome. Click on the thumbnails below for larger size versions of the scans. Hopefully next week we’ll see Japan’s situation improve and perhaps Harada will finally be able to give new updates to his much-anticipated fighting sequel. More as we get it then.

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