Big Tekken 7 Announcements in July!

Posted in arcade on July 19th, 2019 by Bessie Peters

What news? What Announcement!?? AARRGGHHH!!!

I always tell myself, my love for Tekken has somewhat waned as of late. I am not really thinking about Tekken 7, that unreachable game that is probably years away from my hands. I am into other stuff these days. THEN this stuff comes along, and I am all excited again. DAMMIT.

Apparently, according to Twitter (care of tireless Tekken Tweeter Wonkey and the Tekken Project), there will be a couple of dates to look forward to regarding Tekken 7. Wonkey tweeted over the weekend that there will be a big announcement for the game this coming July 1. THEN, just today, the Tekken Project has posted that a Big, Serious announcement regarding Tekken 7 will be revealed this coming July 7 (7-7, get it?).

Now, Wonkey has updated that the upcoming July 7 event might be unrelated to the July 1 news, but he is not certain. I’m thinking they’re two different things. But what could they be?

Character Reveal? Maybe this could be something done on July 1. Not as ‘Big’ as what’s coming on the 7th, conceivably, but something very exciting for many Tekken fans who just aren’t excited with the current roster.

Console Announcement? THIS is what I am hoping for, but not yet perhaps- it’s almost certain that T7 is coming to PS4 and XB1 anyways, so we’re already ready whatever.

New Version. Just as Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion became the definitive T6, and would eventually become the console game, maybe we’ll see a Tekken 7 BR on the 7th. It’s been tested and tweaked in terms of gameplay, and hopefully will see a TON of new content- all the stuff so far missing on the Vanilla Tekken 7- new character intros and win animations, tons more customizations and costumes, modes of play, etc- basically ALL the stuff promised by Harada that we have yet to see.

Or… something about Tekken X Streetfighter?

Aside from the things mentioned above, I can’t think of anything else that can be announced that is big. Anything involving tourneys or live events is worthless in any case. But we’ll see. Darn, it’s still over a week till the 7th, but we’ve got this coming Wednesday, if our friend Wonkey got his news right. Till then, stay tuned…

And the Big Tekken Announcement is…

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… a tournament. No console reveal, no new characters, no nothing. Just a live event for some hardcore Tekken players and that’s it. A big SCREW YOU to everyone else who can’t go there, can’t compete and for the most part, don’t give a DAMN about these things.

Really, if this was all there is, they should have just said so. There’s really NO REASON to get people’s hopes up just for THIS kind of thing. They specifically posted on social media that this would be a Major thing for Tekken fans to get excited for. That was it. Vague as hell, and they let it stew for a week. All this just for a Tournament with an $80,000 pot. WOW.

The thing is, this is a niche event that only a small fraction of gamers appreciate. If it was aimed towards this percentage of people, then people like me could have been spared getting our hopes up, being held in suspense for the better part of a week, all for pretty much nothing. But instead, the announcement of something BIG was vague, left everything for speculation, and in the end, was anti-climactic and disappointing. Hopefully the Tekken Project learns from this with respects to announcements in the future. Fans are always waiting, patiently. Don’t keep them hanging for nothing, man.

ANYWAY… I have had to remind myself that indeed, it was a bit of a wait before Tekken 6 came home to consoles- but then, I had the arcade version in my parts to occupy my time. With Tekken 7… it’s nowhere around, and won’t be anytime soon from the looks of it. The console version will come, but perhaps not for at least a year or so. Which may be good, considering how incomplete and lacking in content the current version is (so few customizations, intros, outros, characters, etc). We may have to wait for a ‘Bloodline Rebellion’ update before we even think that a console version is on the horizon. I guess for now- back to Tekken 6…

Oh, and to those who wanna just say with all this griping, ‘Why do you post about Tekken anyway?’ or that kind of silliness- If it isn’t obvious, it’s because I love Tekken, that’s why.
It’s not the game’s fault that the marketing staff is being very… odd. And that’s all I am saying about that.

Tekken 7 Namco-Bandai Panel @ Evo 2015

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Harada and Murray give over the facts at Evo.

Avoiding the Puddle has just posted a video of the recent Namco-Bandai Tekken 7panel over at the ongoing EVO 2015 FGC Tournamnet. At more than an hour, this video is probably the most info we’ve gotten so far from the horses’ mouths, as far as Tekken 7 is concerned. I’m glad that finally there’s hint of the game’s console release, and that there will be more content for the home versions (which I feel was never in any doubt). Also, the character news was also quite interesting. Still, I guess it’s far too early to get too excited for this- but it’s good to hear these new bits of info for this anticipated fighter.

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Arcade Intro, Jam Revealed!

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More Guilty Gear Xrd means there is still good in this world.

Just over the weekend, we got a new video for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, the as-of-yet Arcade-Only Upgrade to Guilty Gear Xrd Sign. It’s actually the arcade version’s Intro or Opening Cinematic, which includes a cutscene between ‘That Man’ and another character (Raven?), then a cool Intro featuring all of the returning cast, the new characters Johnny and Jack-O, and ONE other.

Just revealed right at the end of the video is another addition to the roster- fighting waitress Jam Kuradoberi (yes, she is named Cranberry Jam). Jam will be added into the game sometime after the arcade version’s August 25 release in Japan.

This is pretty much a no-brainer for release on console- though I am wondering if they’ll give it as an actual disc release or an upgrade (perhaps both). I do hope they add more characters for the home editions- three new fighters is nice but could be better.

I can’t wait in particular to see what happens in the next chapter of the Story Mode- it’s pretty cool to see Sol, Sin and Ramlethal all together- no doubt on their way to try and rescue Elphelt (who’s sporting a new look). Here’s to the hope that this awesome brawler arrives on our PS4s and XBox Ones sooner rather than later.

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Arcade Upgrade Revealed!

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A certain Master of the Dark Hadou finds himself in Tekken.

At the end of the King of Iron Fist Tournament Finals in Japan came a trailer for Tekken 7 Fated Retribution– What is this? It’s an upgrade to the original Arcade Tekken 7… just like Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection was for Tekken 5 and Bloodline Rebellion for Tekken 6. What will it bring? Fated Retribution will add new characters, new outfits and graphical upgrades as well as… AKUMA. Yep, that’s the big secret- the Master of Dark Hadou from Streetfighter’s absence in SFV is revealed (I guess)… he’s off in Tekken Land. With that in mind, what happens in terms of Tekken X Streetfighter? Hmmm…

Anyways, it’s almost certain that T7FR will be the version coming to consoles. The trailer above is specified as the ‘Arcade Version’, so expect the console game to have even more content- I am hoping at the very least they improve the customization and add much-missed faces to the roster (Nina, PLEASE?). But I think it’s safe to say the fighting game world is stunned right now… I can’t wait. 2016 will be an awesome year for fighters.

Tekken 7 Info from JAEPO Show!

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WHOA-ness! Here are some intriguing snippets of information about Tekken 7 straight from the ongoing JAEPO Arcade Event in Japan.

• Shaheen and Lucky Chloe are playable. Shaheen is apparently taller than Lars, and has some moves similar to other characters like Bryan and Ancient Ogre. Chloe has been seen in a palette-swap version of her outfit, and has moves very similar to those of Eddy/Christie.

• The Final Boss of the game is Kazumi Mishima. Interestingly enough, she enters the arena riding her pet TIGER, which she can apparently summon or channel into a projectile. Also, she starts the first round as normal, but transforms into her Devil form for the second round (A FEMALE DEVIL? WOOH!).

• Sweat effects have been added to the characters.

• The Dragon’s Nest stage from Tekken 5 is back.

• A Training Mode is present in the JAEPO build.

Source: Source: Flying Wonkey at Twitter, Katsuhiro Harada at Twitter

WOW. Kazumi is the Boss! Well, seeing as how she was supposed to be dead, her return is most surely due to some supernatural reason- perhaps one last try to save her son? I can’t wait to see her in action. Hoping we see footage soon- but in any case, Tekken 7 will see a limited arcade pre-release next week in Japan, February 16. Stay tuned!

Tekken 7 @ JAEPO: Lucky Chloe and Shaheen Gameplay

Posted in arcade on July 19th, 2019 by Bessie Peters

Harada shows off the new fighters in Tekken 7.

The Japan Arcade Expo has ended, and disappointingly there wasn’t as much footage as we hoped. However, the above video from 4Gamer is quite considerable for a first look. Pika-er, Katsuhiro Harada showed off the two newest additions to the roster- blonde-haired cat-dancer Lucky Chloe and Arabian assassin Shaheen. Chloe’s fighting style is apparently ‘Freestyle Dance’ and incorporates stuff from Capoeira and Breakdancing. Using her is a combination of rhythmic button presses, which result in her doing some rather cute routines. You can end a combo with her nyan-poses or an extra hit at the end. On the other hand, Shaheen’s fighting style has been described as a mesh of Lars, Raven and other slick fighters. For a taller dude, he is pretty agile.

Have to say, I found LC a lot more interesting, and I still find it incredulous that the haters out there still can’t bring themselves to admit she’s pretty cool- at this point, they’re just too far gone to admit defeat, I guess. Anyways, the most annoying tease is the fact that there has been disappointingly little footage of the Final Boss, Kazumi. Hopefully this coming week will reveal more, as the game goes into limited ‘pre-release’.

Why Do YOU Play Tekken?

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20 Years of Tekken and counting…

My first look at Tekken was in some gaming magazine. It had some rough pics of chunky-looking Virtua-style fighters (Yes, at the time Virtua Fighter was THE 3D Fighter) from Namco (The makers of Pac-man). Back then, it was originally called ‘Rave War’ (you’ll still hear this terms every so often in Tekken documentation). The game would use the same technology Namco used in its racing games. I didn’t think about it much back then.

I would see the finished game much, much later, in the arcade. This strange 3D fighter fascinated me. It was more ‘cartoony’ and a bit more fantastic than the uber-hardcore martial arts sim VF was. But the characters had a cool appeal I dug. My favorite of course was the blonde bombshell, Nina Williams, simply because she had awesome linking grapples (At the time knowing them was a HUGE secret). Since then, I was a Tekken fan. Sometimes a huge one to the point of obsession, at the worst I was more subdued as the series dipped into some low points. But never did I ever say I gave up on Tekken. I was in it for life.

I have to say my favorite Tekken is easily Tekken 6. That was the game that really roped me in, getting me into the arcades for months, plinking down countless tokens to earn Fight Money and purchase my wanted customizations. More often than not, I lost to the veteran arcade players. But never once did I not have fun. The home version of Tekken 6 wasn’t perfect to some, but to me it was the best home translation of a Tekken game ever, and it remains the reason for me to always hold onto my PS3.

Tekken Tag 2 and Revolution admittedly made me sink back into the shadows. I hated the customizations in TTT2 and just found the system too complex. As for the F2P Tekken, I’d rather say nothing.

And so it was that with Tekken 7, my hope is rekindled for a return to form. A REAL, canon, numbered Tekken with all the trimmings you would expect. So far I have not been disappointed, though I am surprised with a lot of the negativity. But I remain optimistic- Tekken 7 holds a lot of promise and I will hold the Tekken Team to that. The next couple of year will be crucial and exciting for me. Let the Rave War continue.

New Character Being Teased for DOA5 Ultimate Arcade?

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Tengu? Probably not.

For the past week or so, Team Ninja has been tweeting some intriguing pics, which seem to point at a new character that will likely be added to the roster of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (Arcade). The pics have been of what appears to be a Tengu mask, which may lead one to believe that the little-lamented End Boss of DOA2 may be headed back to the game. But looks can be deceiving; astute viewers have commented that the character in the pic has shoulder-length hair (or a pigtail hairdo), which may point to it being a female character. Speculation is that it’s a new female and HUMAN, just wearing a Tengu mask. Some speculate that it may be an Ayane clone (haven’t seen where this has come from). And perhaps it’s just me, but the mask seems to be a FEMALE Tengu, judging from the eyelashes. Huh.

If it’s a masked female, it seems to have shades of Kunimitsu? A masked Kunoichi? I am definitely on board if it’s a new DOA girl with a mask gimmick. Hoping that details will be revealed soon, perhaps this coming E3? We’ll see.

DOA5U has seen several new fighters added, though as of right now only Marie Rose has been added to console versions. Phase 4, the hooded Kasumi clone, is still arcade-only. Team Ninja has already announced that new characters will be added to the roster soon.