Dead or Alive 5′s Achievements/Trophy List Revealed!

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On the Tecmo front in the current fighting game race, gaming site Exophase has just posted the list of Achievements/Trophies you can attain in Dead or Alive 5. Just perusing through this article reveals or confirms quite a few choice tidbits about the game.

For starters, Virtua Fighters Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant will have to be unlocked. Returning Boss Alpha-152 is an unlockable character as well. Arcade Mode, Time Attack and Survival Modes will all have ‘Courses’ (or set order of opponents) to take on, similar to in Soul Calibur V and VF5FS. Danger Zones can be turned off. The Story mode looks to be pretty lengthy, with multiple chapters. There are unlockable costumes. There will be at least 50 kinds of character-specific Tag Throws (NICE!).

Check out the list yourself over here. I think there’s quite a bit of content to be had in DOA5 as well, which makes me think that fight fans will be very, very busy and very very happy this September. More as we get it then!

Mortal Kombat X: Jason Lives!

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Today, May 5, sees the classic horror icon Jason Voorhees unleashed in Mortal Kombat X. Netherrealms released the trailer above some hours ago, and it is spot-on perfect for this psychotic slasher. The new Kombatant has been featured by NR themselves in the latest Kombat Kast, revealing his three variations- Slasher, Relentless and Unstoppable.

Jason’s gameplay revealed!

Even more so than Freddy Kreuger was done in MK9, I think Netherrealm pretty much nailed Jason for the game, down to his walk, his attacks and even the occasional horror music highlights during some of his moves/attacks. If you ‘love’ this maniacal madman, you’ll adore using him to gut into the competition in MKX.
Jason will be available today for owners of the Kombat Pack, but he will be made available as standalone DLC on May 12. Happy Hacking!

50 Hi-Res Tekken Tag 2 Screens and Art from Taiwan Expo

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Harada and Tekken Tag 2 in Taiwan!

Big treat for fighting game fans today! Nice HD media for Tekken Tag Tournament 2just found its way online. GNN Gamer has posted the pics and an article on TTT2 and Katsuhiro Harada from the GTI Asia Taipei Expo, that Distributor-Only event held earlier this week in Taiwan. You can check out the article, which is in Chinese but sports lots of nice, HD screens and several hi-res character artworks, over here.

The article has an pretty lengthy interview with Harada, and thanks to Google Translate we can piece together some bits of info from the Chinese text. Interesting points include the following:

• TTT2′s Character roster is still pegged at 44 (biggest roster yet in Tekken).

• Jun Kazama is mentioned, and once again Harada clarifies that officially Jun was never considered ‘dead’, but ‘missing’.

• Tekken Tag 2′s graphic quality is much better than that of Tekken 6. Improvements include more detail in facial expressions, musculature in character models, shader effects and other extensive treatments (talk about Extreme Makeover!). In terms of polygons used, TTT2 uses 1.5 more than T6 did.

• The version shown in the Taipei Expo is not the latest version (maybe the AOU build) and has some slowdown. The final version will have no slowdown in play.

• The game is about 70-75% complete, but development was delayed due to the recent earthquake.

• Harada reveals that the game may have an Autumn 2011 (October) release for areas outside Japan.

• TTT2′s story is, once again with feeling, non-canon.

• Harada still won’t speak about a console version since the arcade game isn’t out yet, but a home translation is something to look forward to afterwards.

• Progress on SF x Tekken is (to Harada’s estimation) 50%, while Tekken X SF is at 0%(!) since the Tekken devs are concentrating on TTT2.

You can also check out the new TTT2 media over at Fighter’s Generation, who has nicely put up the new stuff in a gallery. Check out the goods here!

Ganny’s probably thinking, “Where have I seen that butt before..?”

Nice, nice stuff! Here’s to even more media as TTT2 is shown off in Dubai next week, more location tests are set up and Harada reveals his much-awaited announcement. More as we get it then!

Tekken Tag 2: Jaycee Unmasked!

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Jun’s boss stage is one odd stage to fight in.

Here are a couple of vids showing Tekken Tag Tournament 2‘s Character Customization, particularly for the tag-fighter’s resident luchador babe, Jaycee. Of course, we all know it’s really American Eco Fighter Julia Chang under that flashy costume, and these vids once again confirm that. With alternate head items equipped, the luchador mask comes off revealing the comely face beneath.

So far Customization in Tekken Tag 2 has been quite different from the previous Tekken 6 and Bloodline Rebellion, but I think this will be for the better. I’ll examine the new system in another post- for now, watch the match vids above straight from Japanese arcades- wish we could be there!

Tekken Tag 2 E3 Interview from LevelUpYourGame

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More hardcore info from the Tekken Team!

Here’s another video interview with Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from the recently-concluded E3 2011, this time from LevelUpYourGame. At over twenty minutes, it’s one of the longer interview vids you’ll see (only the Capcom-Unity hour-long interview with Ono is longer), taking up everything from Tekken 3DS, Tekken WiiU, Tekken Hybrid/Blood Vengeance and, of course, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. However of course about half of it is Harada-san speaking Japanese which Murray has to translate, which kinda pads out the time. Also, the ambient sounds of the venue make hearing the words quite the challenge. Luckily, LUYG has also posted the full transcript of the interview over here. So either watch or read, it’s your choice. Thanks to LevelUp for this extensive session. With this probably being the last of the E3 material, next up is Comicon in July. More as we get it then!

Tekken Tag 2: Five MORE Characters for Console?

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Bring out those wishlists, Tekkenfans!

Looks like the fun and surprises aren’t ending anytime soon for Namco-Bandai’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2. We’ve already been given four additional fighters recently, but now it seems that there are even more waiting in the wings according to the above teaser pic. The screengrab comes from a recently-posted updated version of TTT2′s ‘Switch’ trailer, and points to at least five more challengers just itching to be outed and revealed.

So who’s next? Doctor B? P.Jack? Tougou? Some word on forums is that the next reveals will be in July- man, that’s a bit far away… but well, so much stuff has been shown off at E3, we at least have lots to chew on for now. Let the speculations continue! Tekken Tag 2 is out for PS3 and Xbox360 in September 2012.

Tekken Tag 2 Famitsu Scans: Characters and Customizations, Items

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King and Anna show their stuff.

Okay, it’s seemingly been ages since the last real Tekken Tag Tournament 2 update- which is not surprising considering the events of the past weekend. Well, since I had an opportunity, I was able to scrounge up scans of the last week’s Famitsu Magazine, particularly of the 2-page spread for the game!
As mentioned earlier, this issue features character art and information on King, Armor King, Nina and Anna. I have to say, the Williams sisters look great in both their portraits and in-game shots… a far cry from Anna’s iffy looks in the AOU trailer.

Also included is a side article on the game’s new Character Customization system. This includes alternate color variations for costumes and the new Items (of which fighters will have about 30 each). On new Item Moves, we’re shown King’s new Heavyweight Belt, which enables a special sequence when he KO’s an opponent with his Sitdown Piledriver. In it, he’ll stay in the pinning position as his partner comes out and does a 3-count Pin on the opponent. Pretty awesome!
Finally, there are several examples of alternate outfits, including a Japanese army outfit for Asuka, authentic-looking Samurai Armor on Jin and what appears to be European Plate Armor on Bob (even in armor he can still move fast? IMPOSSIBLE!).

Nina, Armor King and Customizations!

Anyway, that’s that. Lots of Japanese on the pages, so if anyone can translate, that would be awesome. Click on the thumbnails below for larger size versions of the scans. Hopefully next week we’ll see Japan’s situation improve and perhaps Harada will finally be able to give new updates to his much-anticipated fighting sequel. More as we get it then.

Big Tekken 7 Announcements in July!

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What news? What Announcement!?? AARRGGHHH!!!

I always tell myself, my love for Tekken has somewhat waned as of late. I am not really thinking about Tekken 7, that unreachable game that is probably years away from my hands. I am into other stuff these days. THEN this stuff comes along, and I am all excited again. DAMMIT.

Apparently, according to Twitter (care of tireless Tekken Tweeter Wonkey and the Tekken Project), there will be a couple of dates to look forward to regarding Tekken 7. Wonkey tweeted over the weekend that there will be a big announcement for the game this coming July 1. THEN, just today, the Tekken Project has posted that a Big, Serious announcement regarding Tekken 7 will be revealed this coming July 7 (7-7, get it?).

Now, Wonkey has updated that the upcoming July 7 event might be unrelated to the July 1 news, but he is not certain. I’m thinking they’re two different things. But what could they be?

Character Reveal? Maybe this could be something done on July 1. Not as ‘Big’ as what’s coming on the 7th, conceivably, but something very exciting for many Tekken fans who just aren’t excited with the current roster.

Console Announcement? THIS is what I am hoping for, but not yet perhaps- it’s almost certain that T7 is coming to PS4 and XB1 anyways, so we’re already ready whatever.

New Version. Just as Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion became the definitive T6, and would eventually become the console game, maybe we’ll see a Tekken 7 BR on the 7th. It’s been tested and tweaked in terms of gameplay, and hopefully will see a TON of new content- all the stuff so far missing on the Vanilla Tekken 7- new character intros and win animations, tons more customizations and costumes, modes of play, etc- basically ALL the stuff promised by Harada that we have yet to see.

Or… something about Tekken X Streetfighter?

Aside from the things mentioned above, I can’t think of anything else that can be announced that is big. Anything involving tourneys or live events is worthless in any case. But we’ll see. Darn, it’s still over a week till the 7th, but we’ve got this coming Wednesday, if our friend Wonkey got his news right. Till then, stay tuned…