New Tekken Character Debuts! Eliza the Vampire Girl

Now this is a surprise!

Okay, FINALLY something actually NEW in Tekken! Just less than an hour ago Tekken Channel debuted the character trailer for the long-awaited ‘Vampire Girl’. Her name is Eliza and she’s looking… unusual. For starters, she has ranged attacks like a Reppuken-like ground wave and of course, bloodsucking moves. Her English voice is kinda cheezy but nice and they’ve added in some humor with her intros and taunts- apparently she doesn’t get much sleep. Heheh. Anyway, she doesn’t look too much like a Loli as earlier thought. I have to say I wanna see her more in action.

I’m still bummed out they’re debuting her in Tekken Revolution, and I’ll be really irritated if you have to grind or have to traverse seven mountains of Pain before unlocking her, and I wanna see her story and ending. Anyways, no word on when or how she’ll be made available, but it looks like the work on her is quite a bit along- here’s to her being unleashed as a kind of Christmas gift- along with a new game announcement, eh, Namco-Bandai? For now though, check out the trailer above!

Now, how ’bout Sexy Tekken Force Girl?

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