50 Hi-Res Tekken Tag 2 Screens and Art from Taiwan Expo

Harada and Tekken Tag 2 in Taiwan!

Big treat for fighting game fans today! Nice HD media for Tekken Tag Tournament 2just found its way online. GNN Gamer has posted the pics and an article on TTT2 and Katsuhiro Harada from the GTI Asia Taipei Expo, that Distributor-Only event held earlier this week in Taiwan. You can check out the article, which is in Chinese but sports lots of nice, HD screens and several hi-res character artworks, over here.

The article has an pretty lengthy interview with Harada, and thanks to Google Translate we can piece together some bits of info from the Chinese text. Interesting points include the following:

• TTT2′s Character roster is still pegged at 44 (biggest roster yet in Tekken).

• Jun Kazama is mentioned, and once again Harada clarifies that officially Jun was never considered ‘dead’, but ‘missing’.

• Tekken Tag 2′s graphic quality is much better than that of Tekken 6. Improvements include more detail in facial expressions, musculature in character models, shader effects and other extensive treatments (talk about Extreme Makeover!). In terms of polygons used, TTT2 uses 1.5 more than T6 did.

• The version shown in the Taipei Expo is not the latest version (maybe the AOU build) and has some slowdown. The final version will have no slowdown in play.

• The game is about 70-75% complete, but development was delayed due to the recent earthquake.

• Harada reveals that the game may have an Autumn 2011 (October) release for areas outside Japan.

• TTT2′s story is, once again with feeling, non-canon.

• Harada still won’t speak about a console version since the arcade game isn’t out yet, but a home translation is something to look forward to afterwards.

• Progress on SF x Tekken is (to Harada’s estimation) 50%, while Tekken X SF is at 0%(!) since the Tekken devs are concentrating on TTT2.

You can also check out the new TTT2 media over at Fighter’s Generation, who has nicely put up the new stuff in a gallery. Check out the goods here!

Ganny’s probably thinking, “Where have I seen that butt before..?”

Nice, nice stuff! Here’s to even more media as TTT2 is shown off in Dubai next week, more location tests are set up and Harada reveals his much-awaited announcement. More as we get it then!

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