Dead or Alive 5 Required Watching!

EmperorCow tells you How!

The past couple of months, thanks to a superior portable version in DOA5 Plus, I’ve warmed up a lot to Dead or Alive 5. It’s certainly one of the more challenging beat ‘em ups thanks to the evil A.I. in single player (once you ratchet up the difficulty), but this video by EmperorCow should help a lot. It’s always been a problem for me whenever I get knocked down, the CPU always seems to know how to get me every single freakin’ time. This may help- or not. Well, it can’t hurt to know the proper ways to recover. There are more vids (since this particular one is part 5) which should go a long way to making any DOA5 newbie more capable and competent in no time. Check it out!

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