Dead or Alive 5′s Achievements/Trophy List Revealed!

On the Tecmo front in the current fighting game race, gaming site Exophase has just posted the list of Achievements/Trophies you can attain in Dead or Alive 5. Just perusing through this article reveals or confirms quite a few choice tidbits about the game.

For starters, Virtua Fighters Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant will have to be unlocked. Returning Boss Alpha-152 is an unlockable character as well. Arcade Mode, Time Attack and Survival Modes will all have ‘Courses’ (or set order of opponents) to take on, similar to in Soul Calibur V and VF5FS. Danger Zones can be turned off. The Story mode looks to be pretty lengthy, with multiple chapters. There are unlockable costumes. There will be at least 50 kinds of character-specific Tag Throws (NICE!).

Check out the list yourself over here. I think there’s quite a bit of content to be had in DOA5 as well, which makes me think that fight fans will be very, very busy and very very happy this September. More as we get it then!

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