Ken Masters Debuts in Streetfighter V!

Ken’s back and… he looks different.

I stayed up into the wee hours of the Manila morning to keep up with the Streetfighter V panel at SDCC 2015, and boy did it pay off. Unveiled was another character reveal, complete with screenshots, character art… and a trailer (which you can see above!).

The latest revealed fighter in SFV’s growing roster is none other than Ken Masters– Shotokan fighter and wealthy family man- sporting a quite radical redesign. Instead of just a red version of his best friend Ryu’s gi, Ken is wearing a slick outfit with a form-fitting top and instep guards with red pants, new hairdo and apparently, quite a few all-new attacks and tactics. He still has his expected Shoryuken and Hadoken, but aside from that- his V Trigger seems to involve infusing his specials with Fire, and lots of spinning kicks.

Ken’s reveal certainly will please his fans, including popular Youtuber Maximilian. I’m not that big of a Ken fan, but I like the reveal and I appreciate the redesign. I like the new outfit and feel this gives him, though Ken’s face looks, er, wonky in some angles/screens- his model seems a bit more rough-shod compared to fighters like Birdie or Cammy who look totally slick from the get-go. Since its early, hopefully things will get smoothened out as development continues.

Oh, and at the tail end of the Ken trailer of course is another character tease- a fierce-looking visage that some are speculating to be some sort of New Zealander judging from the face paint. An all-new character? Or a redesigned veteran? I am thinking, if the latter, perhaps T-Hawk? We’ll just have to wait and see. Man, this is exciting!

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