Until Dawn: Save the Cheerleader or Kill the Cheerleader?

Choose Your Own Horror Adventure.

When I first saw Until Dawn, it was on some gaming event (perhaps E3 last year?) and it showed off Hayden Panettiere, or at least her in-game representation, clad in just a bath towel and being stalked by some masked assailant. At the time it kinda felt and looked cheesy (particularly due to it being an off-cam video), but since then things have kinda changed. For starters, the game is looking pretty gorgeous. The character models exhibit some very well-done facial expressions and animations, and some pretty high detail. But of course it’s all about the story, and Until Dawn looks like its pressing all the right narrative tropes to tell a good slasher yarn.
Basically you’re in control of a gang of pretty young people as they’re on a trip to an isolated ski lodge. Soon, things begin to spiral out of control as it seems everything from a mad killer to ghosts begin plaguing the on-screen heroes and heroines, challenging you to choose wisely to somehow get as many of your cast alive and kicking at the end of the game.

This of course hearkens back to the PS3 classic, Heavy Rain from Quantic Dream. It’s as much movie as game, though it seems you do have enough room for exploration and detective work, as well as finding collectibles. But a lot of the game is Quick Time Events, and the most fun will be seeing how your heroes/heroines live/die by your choices. And yes, it is apparently possible to end the game with all your characters alive or dead.

Anyways, with PS4-lovely graphics and an intriguing story that could go a ton of ways here and there, I am really wanting to get this game. It should be available in a while so I may just run off to the nearest game store for my bloody copy.

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