Don’t Go Into the Rainy Woods!

Rainy Woods is a new IP and survival-horror game headed for both the PS3 and Xbox360 from Marvelous Entertainment. The game has a Twin Peaks-David Lynch type of vibe, being set in small town USA and involving FBI agent David Young Henning’s efforts to solve the mystery of a young woman named Anna Graham by a serial murderer known as The Raincoat Killer. Of course, it’s not at all cut and dried, and there are traces of cultish rituals, supernatural creatures and other not-so-ordinary goings-on happening all around the case. Good thing David isn’t alone- at least, not in a Killer 7 type of way. He’s got a multiple personality disorder, and his other self, Jeter, seems to know quite a bit more than he does. Oh, and there are midgets. Twin midgets. Twin Peaks it is.
Instead of the usual linear path these kinds of games usually take, Rainy Woods will supposedly be a more sandbox-type of game- you’ll be able to move freely within the town of Rainy Woods and interact with various characters in the course of your investigation. You’ll also have to take care of Sims-like needs like rest and hunger. Oh, and there will be combat involving guns and apparently swords! Whoa. What kind of case has Young gotten himself into?

Trying to steal Silent Hill’s thunder? The psycho-thriller genre isn’t exactly crowded, so as long as this has quality, I’ll give it a look over. Anyway, no word yet on when, so we’ll keep an eye on this one.

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