MGS4 TGS Trailer!

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In case you didn’t already know, there’s a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots out at TGS.

SPOILER Warning!

Anyways, the trailer doesn’t feature the recently-revealed new Bosses from the Beauty and the Beast Unit. It’s more story oriented, and shows off the cast including, of course, Old Snake himself, Otacon, a quite fetching NaomiMeryl and her nano-enhanced squad, some new ninja-like PMC soldiers (who may or may not be female enemies), Liquid OcelotEva, VampRaiden and Olga Gurlukovich’s daughter, Sunny. There are also views of Gekkoes and Metal Gears galore. Story’s still a bit of a mixup- it still seems to be about Liquid Ocelot planning a worldwide ‘insurrection’ and everyone getting tangled in the mess sure to erupt.

My thoughts? I like the fact that there seems to be a lot of sides to the conflict. Looks like you’ll be able to control a Metal Gear. I am thrilled at the segment where you’re being chased by Gekkoes through the streets. I find the ending pretty from left field, and not what I’d ever expect from this game though. But the best thing I seem to notice from the trailer is that the girls seem to finally be hot. I mean, all that military hardware and the thing that stands out for me is Naomi ripping her skirt and kicking off her shoes. Mmm.

Fart gags notwithstanding, Hideo Kojima and Konami seem to have thrown everything, everyone AND the Kitchen Sink into this stew, and it’s sure to be awesome. The graphics look totally amazing (if still in that green-tinted look of MGS) with character models improved over previous trailers. What can I say? This game will be the thing next year. I am so all over this one.

Anyway, see the trailer for yourself by heading on over to for a HD version ready for download.

Soul-burning TGS Update

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First of all, Namco Bandai has debuted a new Soulcalibur IV trailer at TGS. It’s a short, 2 minute+ spot that mainly features the introduction of Hilde, or Hilda, the new armored babe. Sophitia, Cassandra and Astoroth also appear in the trailer along with Tira, Taki, Voldo, Ivy and of course, Siegfried and Nightmare.

Hilde is apparently the product of the dev team’s desire to make a sexy but fully-clothed character (boo!), and one would instantly assume that maybe her armor is destructible and removeable. However, while the developers are considering this, they also say that they don’t want Hilde to be just like every other skimpily-dressed female in the game. My take? Give us the option to do what we want. Make it hard or make us work for it, but if we wanna see Hilde in her skivvies, allow us to. Heh.

Anyways, on a more gameplay-focused point, Hilde will control a bit differently from the other fighters. Each of her armaments (the spear and shortsword) will correspond to a button, giving her a bit more variety in close-and-ranged attacks (and kinda making her control a bit like a Tekken fighter). She’s certainly going to be an interesting one to play as. Hilde is so far the only new character shown, but certainly NOT the last… there will be more new faces appearing as the game continues on its merry way to release in 2008.

To see the new Soulcalibur IV TGS Trailer, Gamevideos, IGN and Gamespot already has it up.

Bringing out the Big Guns

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Okay, the title probably has a lot of meanings, but mainly it’s all around Sony’s Death Star game for 2008 (EARLY 2008, damn it), Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Man, all it takes is a few trailers from Hideo Kojima and we all forget that it’s been more than 3 years since this game first showed itself, every frickin’ time. We just eat up everything that man coughs or farts out, don’t we? And this time, it’s literal. Heh.

Anyway, I am loving the last few trailers and vids. Here are some thought on all the shiz coming out.

Naomi’s cleavage. Now, everyone’s wailing about why Naomi would be showing off her twin guns in a moment of crisis. Well, what do you expect, people? She’s asking Snake to rescue her. How ELSE do you get the old guy’s attention? Seriously though, Naomi Hunter’s the last MGS female I’d ever thought to show sex appeal, but hey- in MGS4 she’s a fox. She seems to have a big role in this final chapter, given how she created FOXDIE and all… who knows, she just may hold Snake’s life in her capable hands? Clearly one part of the game concerns rescuing her, and it appears Snake does succeed in doing so, with Raiden’s assistance (but hopefully not at the cost of the ninja’s life). Probably this will result in her being a fund for info and other stuff as the game progresses.

The FROGS/Haven Soldiers. If you missed it in the trailer; the four enemy soldiers in the hi-tech bodysuits and clawed booties were all female. They are apparently part of Liquid’s army, and you’ll probably face off with them a lot. To go with female bosses, there are now female grunts. Good stuff! I wonder if Snake’s crotch grab will work on them, as well?

New FOXHOUND. What the heck? Johnny Sasaki is now with the good guys? Is this a good thing? Still faceless, still got a bad stomach. But yeah, I like it. It’s a great finale for the perpetual loser, and I hope he does have a nice resolution. As for the other guys- they’re just big grunts. Meryl’s of course hot as always, but the uniform just is oh, not sexy. Naomi trumps her this time. I wonder if Snake will comment on her butt again?

Drebin and Little Gray. What the heck? It’s Chris Rock. Or Wesley Snipes. Or Dennis Rodman. Looks like MGS4′s anwer to the Merchant from RE4. Wouldn’t it be a scream if Little Grey was actually an Alien? Or turned out to be one of the Patriots?

Sunny. Olga’s daughter finally makes her appearance. What role does she play? She’s cute, but of course, she’s also, like, ten. But why do I feel like she seems to have come from a quiet mid-western town named Silent Hill?

Metal Gears, Metal Gears. Rex, Ray, Gekkoes, MkII… they’re all over the place. Hopefully you’ll get to fight a few of them. Or even pilot one or two. It all ends with this one, so a big battle with the Big Gears should be a given.

The game is Damn PLAYABLE already! Look around online and you’ll find gameplay vids. This game is the real thing. It’s gonna be huge and awesome. I just wish it’s long and sweet. I don’t mind hours of cinematics. Give us tons of missions, tons of bosses, tons of enemies to CQC and stuff into drawers. I want this one to last. ‘Cause it’s the last. Or so they say.

A playable demo is rumored, but don’t hold your breath. In any case, I just want the GAME itself. But another trailer won’t hurt, so just fart or vomit another our way, Mr. Kojima. We’re ready.

Don’t Go Into the Rainy Woods!

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Rainy Woods is a new IP and survival-horror game headed for both the PS3 and Xbox360 from Marvelous Entertainment. The game has a Twin Peaks-David Lynch type of vibe, being set in small town USA and involving FBI agent David Young Henning’s efforts to solve the mystery of a young woman named Anna Graham by a serial murderer known as The Raincoat Killer. Of course, it’s not at all cut and dried, and there are traces of cultish rituals, supernatural creatures and other not-so-ordinary goings-on happening all around the case. Good thing David isn’t alone- at least, not in a Killer 7 type of way. He’s got a multiple personality disorder, and his other self, Jeter, seems to know quite a bit more than he does. Oh, and there are midgets. Twin midgets. Twin Peaks it is.
Instead of the usual linear path these kinds of games usually take, Rainy Woods will supposedly be a more sandbox-type of game- you’ll be able to move freely within the town of Rainy Woods and interact with various characters in the course of your investigation. You’ll also have to take care of Sims-like needs like rest and hunger. Oh, and there will be combat involving guns and apparently swords! Whoa. What kind of case has Young gotten himself into?

Trying to steal Silent Hill’s thunder? The psycho-thriller genre isn’t exactly crowded, so as long as this has quality, I’ll give it a look over. Anyway, no word yet on when, so we’ll keep an eye on this one.

MGS4 Gameplay Videos

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I have to say this.

Pretty much every single gameplay video of Metal Gear Solid 4 I have seen, from Gamespot to Gamevideos to Jeuxvideos… all of them SUCK. I mean, the players all seem to have six pinkies on each hand. The camera is all over the place, Snake keeps walking in circles or walks into gangs of enemies and either gets killed or looks stupid… and I think he’d rather die than look stupid.

Partly I blame the inexperience of the players, but darn… it just HURTS to watch these videos. Haven’t any of them played a single MGS ever? Or used a frickin’ controller? GEEZ! I mean, you’re THERE with frickin MGS4 playable in front of you and you SUCK!!! What a waste!

I’d rather not think the game’s controls suck at this point- but I do see that the enemy AI’s are pretty questionable. PMC soldiers walk into a room with Snake just kneeling there beside them and they don’t notice him until he runs up beside them. After which, they skitter back and forth shooting sporadically. It’s kinda rough, but the game’s still unfinished so I’ll just excuse that.

Man, I just want this in my hands already. Oh well.

Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena

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It’s not an online-enabled PS3 version, but at least now Asian and Japanese gamers can get into online VF5 fighting at home with Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena for the Xbox360. The game will be based on the arcade version, which is currently at Version C. Along with 3000 customization items and 1000 new A.I. opponents to take on in Quest Mode, it will have online play and functionality, which I assume will include the ability to download or update new items for customization, posting on leaderboards, watching classic match vids and more.

This is set to come out December 6, alongside the VF5 Live Arena Arcade Stick(which is a must since the Xbox360 pad is rubbish for this game, I’d say). The US version of online-capable VF5 is set for release a bit earlier, at the end of October.

Edit: I guess this kinda makes dim even more the hopes of an updated PS3 version of VF5 with online. I mean, Sega is now in like Flint with Microsoft, and that probably doesn’t sit well with Sony. I don’t think VF5 sold incredibly well in Japan on the PS3, so you really can’t blame Sega for wanting to spread the joy and have as many players buy it. Xbox is strong in the US, as is the demand for online. Luckily, Asian players get to play a couple of months later.  On Sega’s side anyway, they’re probably getting back at Sony as well for having Namco with their big fighters looming on the horizon. 

Anyway, I love VF5 regardless of all these wrinkles, and I’ll probably get the Xbox Live-enabled version when it comes out. Updated items and moves (if any) are my real incentive, not really the online. 

Kojima Coughs It Up

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Gamespot recently posted a lengthy article on Hideo Kojima’s presentation at the TGS where he revealed more about Metal Gear Solid 4′s story, characters, weapons and other good stuff coming to the PS3 in early 2008. It’s quite a nice read and just whets our appetite more for the gaming nirvana ahead. Among the things revealed is the general world situation and early plot of Liquid’s scheme to launch an insurrection using the nanotechnology SOP and his PMC armies, a rundown of the game’s included weapons and each of the so far revealed cast, including the new FOXHOUND, the Beauty and the Beast Unit, The FROGS, Sunny, Eva, Drebin and Little Grey.

Check out the whole article for yourself here.

Virtua Fighter 5 on my Xbox360…

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Virtua Fighter 5 THEME, actually. Yeah, the game’s not due out till the end of October for the US, and I’ll probably have to wait till December for the Asian version of the online-enabled Sega fighter. But this early, Xbox Live users can purchase the VF5 theme to spice up their 360 dashboards for a measly 150 MS points. The theme puts a bunch of characters on each of your 360′s dashboard blades, and it looks pretty cool if you love the VF cast. Better yet, it doesn’t hamper seeing the text as some other themes do. It’s a nice way of prepping my console for the eventual VF invasion. Just a couple more months to go…


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Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I’ve been off for a bit, busy at the day job. On the brighter side, I went and got myself a brand new Apple iPhone. What can I say? It’s frickin’ GORGEOUS. And the screen just can’t be beat by anything out there right now. It is just a glorious pleasure to watch videos and look at hi-res pics on the iPhone’s real estate. Just beautiful. I’ll just have to get used to some of the device’s quirks and idiosyncracies like lack of multiple text sends and custom ringtones, among other things. Still, who cares about all that when you can pinch-zoom? Eh??

Okay, I’ll lay off now before this site turns into The Lone Phoner. Back to our gaming updates then.

Ghostbusters (2016): The Lone Gamer’s Review

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Perhaps never before has a film been so divisive and polarizing as this remake of the beloved classic flick it springs from. Online, many voices cry ‘FOUL!’ at the supposed disrespectful cash-grab from Sony, defended by SJW’s and feminists. I went into this wanting to see it for myself and decide for myself. I’ve seen reviews calling it horrible and not worth watching, while some rave, though most seem to agree it’s just an average comedy. Well, what do I think?

Ghostbusters (2016), directed by Paul Feig, is a reboot of the original 1984 film starring Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson and the late Harold Ramis. This time, an all-female cast takes over- Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) and Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) play two former best friends and scientists who once shared dreams of investigating ghosts and paranormal phenomena, and have now reunited under less than friendly circumstances. Jillian Hostzmann (Kate McKinnon) is Abby’s assistant in her paranormal lab and an apparent mad inventor of ghost-extermination gear. Finally, joining the bunch along the way is streetwise Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones), a subway attendant who has a ghostly encounter of her own.

As the new team comes together to investigate a sudden rise in paranormal activity and ghost sightings, they soon make the disturbing discovery that someone is actively causing this rise in ghost sightings for some reason. Unfortunately, things get a bit more complicated when the city mayor (Andy Garcia) decides adamantly to keep things under wraps to prevent panic, even if it means discrediting the female heroes.

All right, for starters, I don’t think this new Ghostbusters is as terrible as some are making it out to be. I do think that there is a bit of emotional baggage or nostalgia for the first flick that causes a natural dislike for this new film. That said, the film, as a comedy, is pretty hit-and-miss. Many of the jokes, gags and self-deprecating humor don’t really hit well and seem to just pass by in the midst of dead air. I understand that the leads are all talented and very funny actresses and comediennes, but here I think they’re pretty much hamstrung with pretty bad writing, in terms of the humor. You have a fart joke, some jokes about the group’s hunky new male secretary Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) being as dumb as a doorknob- no exaggeration, this guy seems to only have enough brain power to qualify him as a sentient being.

There’s another bit that probably elicits a lot of the anger out there for the film, and its that pretty much every male character is either an asshole or a moron. That’s how males act, as feminists would like to think, I guess.

Plot holes abound and pacing problems make things just seem uneven and awkward, with little satisfying explanation. The Ghostbusters begin their company by just stealing what lab equipment they can carry from their former campus. Then in a bit they seem to have enough nuclear material and components to create a Q-Branch’s worth of proton-throwing laser weaponry. One moment, we see physical comedy moments as these ladies fumble about with the obviously dangerous weapons rather carelessly- then later we see them taking out ghosts (how is it suddenly that these proton packs graduate from being instruments that are simply used to lasso or temporarily snare ghosts to outright DESTROYING them?) in the street in an action scene that would do the Avengers proud. It doesn’t seem earned or logical- it all just happens because hey, we’re in the third act and the ghostbusters gotta look cool killing ghosts.

I guess the most interesting part of the movie are the ghostbusters themselves- instead of a squad of model gorgeous heroines, we get a more colorful group of comedic talent. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are the straight people; Kate McKinnon’s Hotzmann is so offbeat and just plain weird in her mannerisms I seem to get a hunch that she’s ad-libbing most of her stuff and just doing improv, and it sometimes works, sometimes… not. Finally, Leslie Jones’ ‘token’ streetwise girl with the inevitable “HELL NO!” mannerisms may irritate for being such a stereotypical cliche character, but in honesty, I didn’t find her at all annoying.

The best parts of the film for me are some of the creepier ghost encounters- the first ghost, just before the rather tasteless vomit gag was well done. There’s a sequence with mannequins which is genuinely creepy and hilarious at the same time. And the endgame with the girls going toe-to-toe with a possessed Kevin was pretty cool.

The movie works when it is about these female ghostbusters actually taking on ghosts, at least before it devolves into the light show laser tag brawl at the end- the investigation, the creeps and actual ghost trapping was fine. The comedy in the context of these situations is fine. It’s when the script tries to be funny outside these situations which makes things feel like a half-baked SNL skit.

Oh, and the cameos… well aside from Tywin Lannister AKA Charles Dance having a role as Erin’s boss, most of the cast of the original Ghostbusters appear- not as themselves, but as totally different people. Perhaps one can just think that this film is not meant to replace the original- it’s just a different take in a different world and time of this same story. Updated with stuff like Youtube comments and cellphones, but well, that’s to be expected.

I do think that this flick has been made a rallying point by Feminists and SJW’s, and in turn hardcore fans of the original film and some He-man Women-Hater Clubs have just muddled the issue even more. The fact is, this film won’t erase the well-loved and popular original. I doubt that it will be that much of a hot topic in a few month’s time, unless Sony insists of making this a franchise. It’s not a horrible film, and I certainly had a bit of fun while all the while being aware of all the plot holes, leaps in logic and uneven comedy. It’s a Ghostbusters live-action cartoon. It’s light and fluffy and in general, really just overblown but harmless, as easily burst like a possessed giant balloon.
I would not be averse to seeing this same cast donning the proton packs again in a future adventure… but only with a much, MUCH better script (at least one worthy of the name Zuul).