Streetfighter V: Necalli Debut Trailer and Information!

An All-new Fighter, Necalli makes his debut at EVO2015.

This just in- Yoshinori Ono has just debuted the first all-new character for Streetfighter V over at the just-concluded EVO 2015. His name is Necalli, a brawny and fierce male fighter with rather dreadful dreadlocks and a hair-raising schtick to his attacks.

Can’t really divine too much about Necalli from looks alone- his outfit looks like some ancient or tribal type of dress, and his fighting style is very beastly and feral, characterized by lots of clawing swipes and wide, flailing swings. Not very martial-artsy or pretty but very, very strong.

Character Art for Necalli.

The name ‘Necalli’ is apparently of Aztec origin, and means ‘Battle’. So it can perhaps be assumed that this guy is supposed to be some Aztec war god or super-warrior. That’s all we can get for now. Stay tuned as more is revealed of this new challenger.

As revealed recently, Streetfighter V will feature a 16-strong roster at launch, with four of these being all-new characters never seen before in the franchise. Necalli is the first of these original fighters.

UPDATE: Some new info has been posted over at Shoryuken regarding Necalli. Apparently he’s some sort of wildman- kinda obvious from his wild, animalistic attacks. However, his crazed exterior conceals a more powerful ‘genius’ that is unleashed when he activates his V Trigger. His hair becomes warped and energized (kinda reminds me of Gill, actually) and he gets all-new attacks and combos. This guy is a straightforward attacker, with lots of furious claw attacks and a command grab designed to reduce his opponents to rubble.

Not really my cup of tea- brutish, wild characters… doesn’t this kinda make him similar to Blanka, in at least look? Which makes me think the upcoming Brazilian character may not be our shocking beast man…

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