Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
Resident Evil 6 (PS3)
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (PS3)
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PC)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC)

Favorite Genres
• Fighting (One-on-One)
• RPGs
• Action-Adventure/Shooters
• Strategy/RTS

Current TV
• 51″ Samsung Series 5 Plasma HDTV

Current Consoles
• Playstation 3
I have to say, I am impressed. My PS3 is a first-run, first gen ‘phat’ Japanese model which comes with PS1 and PS2 backwards-compatibility. Originally a 20GB model, I eventually upgraded the hard drive to 250GB. I originally bought it for Virtua Fighter 5 (original disc version), but has since become my main home console. In the almost ten years since I bought it, it has yet to break down (knock on wood) or need servicing. The secret to it’s longevity? Keeping it safe from dust by covering it up with a T-shirt whenever it’s not in use.

• Xbox360
This is actually my second 360- the first one suffered the ‘Red Rings of Death’, so I sold it off. This second model is a so-called Falcon unit that resists RRODs (supposedly)… so far it’s been fine. Haven’t really played as much on this as I did on my previous 360. It is mainly my back-up console to the PS3- my main reason for not being too much into 360 gaming is that I don’t like the idea of Xboxlive and having to pay subscriptions.

• Playstation Portable (Slim)
My second PSP; the first was a ‘phat’ model which got broken after I dropped it. Haven’t dropped this one yet. It’s ‘cracked’ and loads game ISOs from the memory stick, so I never use the UMD drive. I think this will last me for life since there are dozens of games in storage (as files) and this just seems like it will keep playing on and on. Unless I drop it.

• 3DS
Bought this since I thought it would be an awesome fighter’s portable. And in a way, it is- it’s got SSFIV 3D, DOA Dimensions and Tekken 3D. For some reason though, I just don’t play it. I don’t like bringing it around, don’t like the 3D at all, and I can’t seem to give time for it. I’ve been wanting to sell it, but to no success. Looks like I’m stuck with it, or perhaps I’ll give it away as a gift someday.

• Wii
Bought this solely to play light gun games, and after the novelty was gone, it went into storage. Now it’s in the spare room, ready for play if any visitors want to kill time.

• iPad (3rd Generation)
I carry this most of the time both for media and entertainment, and for email and surfing on the go. It’s almost indispensable and I buy apps for it like candy. When I get into a game, I play for hours across days. Sometimes I just go for a week or so without playing, but still have it with me for the most part. And to think at one time I was really puzzled at how anyone would ever want something like it…

• PC Laptop
My current ‘top is actually my second- the first was underpowered and couldn’t run Skyrim without stutters. Eventually I replaced that with a much more capable i5 machine. I don’t think I’ll ever uninstall Skyrim from it. I’ve come to purchase Steam games on it. If I have the cash, I may upgrade again to an even beefier machine, even if moving all my games, mods and files over there will surely be tedious as hell.

• Galaxy Note 2
My new constant mobile companion, this super smartphone from Samsung is an awesome Android portable which eats up gaming and media thanks to its quad core processor. But since I don’t want to have redundant titles with my iPad, my prime gaming software on it is FPSe- a PSX emulator. So with my GN2 I can just whip it out at anytime to play perfect versions of my favorite Playstation One titles- in this case, the original Soul Edge, Tekken 3 and Dead or Alive. Awesome.